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Our Values

One step ahead - We are helping to shape a safer, cleaner and smarter marine world.

Human centred - We innovate at the interface of humans and technology to deliver the needs of the connected mariner.

People power - Our enthusiasm is fuelled by teamwork, diversity, empowerment and our sense of curiosity; we are active listeners and we love what we do.

Relentless optimism - We roll our sleeves up and get stuck in; we are driven to succeed and learn from failure.

Accountable - We focus on the customer through excellence of delivery; we collaborate with visionary, value driven people & organisations. 


CEbotiX is the UK’s dedicated Maritime Autonomous Systems (Uncrewed Surface and Underwater Vessels) operational development, personnel training and assurance facility.  


CEbotiX uses a consortium approach with like-minded, value-driven organisations to accelerate and innovate in the marine sector, solving customers problems and improving people and technology to make maritime safer, cleaner and smarter. With headquarters at the National Oceanography Centre, Southampton, it is an independent national facility with access to Loch Ness, Portland and Portsmouth test sites, and wide representation from industry and academia. 

MASS Development

CEbotiX is a resourced technology park, offering Maritime Autonomous Systems as a Service (MAS2) to accelerate the development of remote and autonomous marine operations for civil and defence sectors. Services on offer include:


  • Operational testing (including environmental) of vehicles, technology, concepts, and ways of working – ‘in-water’ or in a Synthetic Environment

  • Remote Control Centre (RCC) design, operation and accreditation

  • Mission rehearsal and mission execution ​

Facilities Availiable

The following testing and training facilities are already available, with options to increase and expand these depending on customer need:


  • Self-contained and transportable workshop and Remote Control Centre

  • Fixed Remote Control Centre

  • Multiple in-water test sites, from acoustically quiet deep water, to the waters of the Solent and South Coast. These include launch and recovery, RHIB and logistics support

  • Access to a range of equipment (USVs / AUVs / ROVs / Gliders)

  • Classroom space and laboratories for technical training​

  • Calibration, Environment & Pressure testing, and Battery testing laboratories

  • Ballast water and immersion testing tanks​

  • Enclosed basin for testing and training with easy access to open water and measured mile​

  • Hydrographic and scientific instruments​

Workforce Training

A range of short courses and apprenticeships are being developed that comply with draft legislative standards proposed through the MASS People working group, part of the international MAS regulatory framework.  


The MASS Certified Professional – Induction Course is the first step in providing an existing seafarer or maritime professional with the requisite knowledge to safely operate within this new environment.  


Future courses being designed include full apprenticeships for remote operator / engineers, which will ensure the future ‘connected mariner’ is equipped to operate in an increasingly autonomous maritime world.


CEbotiX will use a combination of training methods, from practical operation of equipment to simulator-based scenario training, instructor led and e-learning to provide learners with the knowledge and skills required in the most efficient and effective manner.

MASS Assurance and Certification

Through partnering, CEbotiX will provide a world-leading Synthetic Environment to test MASS ‘digital twins’ and AI software. CEbotiX is working closely with authorities to progress assurance, certification and regulatory processes in this rapidly growing sector. This includes:


  • National and international regulatory organisations

  • Flag states

  • Vessel manufacturers

  • Vessel operators in multiple sectors from energy through to shipping

  • Class societies

  • Equipment manufacturers

  • Defence suppliers

  • Royal Navy

  • NATO navies

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